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Blockout Red 421

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Blockout Red 421 is an inexpensive, water-based solution used as a plastisol, UV and solvent-based ink barrier. This bright red blockout and touchup liquid has just the right viscosity to spread easily over every mesh count. Solvent-enhanced agents greatly reduce dry times, yet the formula is non-flammable. Blockout Red 421 is water-soluble therefore, it is not intended for use with water-based inks. 

  • Color: Bright Red
  • Viscosity: Medium
  • Fast Drying
  • Non-Flammable
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Bottom Line:  Hey, not every stencil will be defect-free.  Touch-up & go!

pro-tip-chromaline.pngUsing a water-resistant emulsion for water-based inks? Since Blockout Red 421 isn't made for WB ink, use your emulsion for touching up, but remember to expose it after drying to hold up during printing.