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ONLY 1 UNIT REMAINS (1/14/19)!

Epson 1430 Printer Package is designed by Chromaline, an IKONICS Company, to deliver brilliant, high-quality photopositives and photonegatives. All of the products in the package have been carefully chosen by Chromaline to provide the best quality films in producing optimum artwork to ensure a successful screen printing process. Print on Chromaline’s Inkjet Film using the popular FilmMaker Version 4 RIP Software—Chromaline Edition for clear quality and professional results.

  • High quality prints
  • Long lasting ink

Package includes:

  • EPSON 1430 Printer
  • FilmMaker Version 4 RIP Software - Chromaline Edition 
  • Set of 6 AccuInk Black Ink Cartridges 
  • AccuJet Inkjet Film, 50-Sheet Box of 11"X17"
  • Watch Setup Video Now
 PLEASE NOTE: Epson has DISCONTINUED this model but we will continue to provide you with our AccuInk cartridges for a long time to come.  Chromaline has LIMITED PACKAGES REMAINING; therefore, order one before they're gone!