EPSON 1430 Printer Package - SOLD OUT

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This printer model has been discontinued by the manufacturer.   However, our all-black AccuInk cartridges for this model are available here.  And our compatible AccuJet films are here.

Please consider our Epson P400 Package as an affordable alternative.

Epson 1430 Printer Package is designed by Chromaline, an IKONICS Company, to deliver brilliant, high-quality photopositives and photonegatives. All of the products in the package have been carefully chosen by Chromaline to provide the best quality films in producing optimum artwork to ensure a successful screen printing process. Print on Chromaline’s Inkjet Film using the popular FilmMaker Version 4 RIP Software—Chromaline Edition for clear quality and professional results.

  • High quality prints
  • Long lasting ink

Package includes:

  • EPSON 1430 Printer
  • FilmMaker Version 4 RIP Software - Chromaline Edition 
  • Set of 6 AccuInk Black Ink Cartridges 
  • AccuJet Inkjet Film, 50-Sheet Box of 11"X17"
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