EPSON T3270 Printer

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Epson requires tax collection for shipments to CA (7.25%), MA (6.25%) and TN (7.0%) only.

The Epson T-3270 Printer - when paired with Chromaline's RIP software, AccuInk and AccuBlack film - provides screen printers the best film output quality for the money. All backed by Chromaline's 15+ years of experience with inkjet technology for making quality films.

Important Note: Pricing on the Epson T-3270 varies monthly due to available Epson rebates and Chromaline promotions. Therefore, pricing may change without notice from this advertised price. Delivery to commercial businesses is free. Residential or lift gate service fees may be added if applicable. We recommend that you contact us to confirm pricing and to obtain a customized package quote.

Tax Note: Epson requires tax collection for shipments to CA (7.25%), MA (6.25%) and TN (7.0%) only.

Want the full package? We frequently help our customers install this printer with the following items. Ask us about special package pricing on the following:

  • EPSON T-3270, 24" wide, roll-fed printer
  • FilmMaker RIP Software - Chromaline Edition 
  • AccuInk, 700ml Black Ink Cartridge (Made in USA)
  • AccuBlack Inkjet Film, 24"x100' roll (Made in USA)

pro-tip-chromaline.pngNot all inkjet films feed at consistent rates through the Epson T-series. Our AccuBlack film is chosen because it does not cause registration issues, as seen with other inkjet films.