MagiCote Scoop Coater

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Maximum Purchase:
96 units
Item made to order. Must add End Cap pair and Edge Length in inches to cart separately to receive a fully assembled MagiCoat Scoop Coater.

NOTE: MagiCote scoop coaters are customizable and made to order. Each item, End Cap pair and MagiCote Scoop Coater Edge option must be placed in the cart separately to receive a fully assembled scoop coater. 

NOTE: Scoop coaters are made to order and length must be chosen in inches with a minimum of 3" to a maximum of 96". 

Our MagiCote scoop coater makes direct emulsion coatings smooth and consistent.  Precision-extruded anodized aluminum won't corrode and will last for years - go ahead and use your stencil remover solution to get dried emulsion off.  Dual-edge profiles allows you apply more or less emulsion per stroke; providing you more control of the stencil thickness for optimum ink control.

Sharp Edge - ideal for higher mesh counts for thinner stencils and higher resolution printing.

Round Edge - ideal for faster stencil buildup when printing bolder artwork, high density or other specialty printing.  Also ideal for courser mesh counts for less resistance against the mesh.

Includes a plastic cover to protect edges when not in use.



#1 - The coater edges are most critical - any nick/gouge/dip in them and you will have variations in your final print.  Trying to repair/smooth the edges never works; it only gets worse.  This is a critical TOOL in screen making; buy a new one!

#2 - Use two hands!  For the most even coatings (up/down and side-to-side), holding the coater with both hands yields better results.

#3 - Don't go too fast!  Emulsions are fairly slow to flow; therefore, to avoid getting air bubbles trapped in mesh opening.  A textile frame normally takes 6 to 10 seconds from bottom to top.

#4 - ALWAYS do a final coat from the SQUEEGEE SIDE.  This pushes the emulsion through to the print side which is where the ink gasket is made.

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