SpeedLine - Auto Reclaim (Five-Stage)

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If you are looking to save time, money AND becoming more proficient in your screen printing shop, it is time to invest in an Auto Screen Reclaiming Machine. This German-made system is not only reliable, it's flexible - modular units allow you to configure and expand this system as your business grows, preventing you from having to buy a whole new system in the future.  Stainless steel construction, these are engineered and built with the highest quality design for years of use.  Touch panel controls, ultra-high pressure nozzles and efficient recycling of chemicals. In addition to build quality, this unit is uniquely designed to prevent cross-contamination of chemicals, thereby yielding perfectly clean screens without manual touch-up like competitive units. 

  • SpeedLine: five-stage, continuous system
  • Touch panel controls
  • Able to stack two 23x31 screens for greater throughput
  • Modular system allows for future expansion
  • Brush-free design avoids cleaning/replacing of brushes
  • Efficient recycling of chemicals
  • Prevents cross-contamination between modules
  • Filtration system collects particles before reaching the drain - best in the industry
  • Pricing includes separate filtration units for both stencil removal and ink wash modules