TexTac II

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TexTac II is a water-based, pressure-sensitive adhesive specifically designed for fleece printing. With its greater tack strength, it can maintain registration on other difficult fabrics such as sweatshirts, towels, nylon, polyester, and other thick or smooth substrates. TexTac II also dries clear and tack can be reactivated.

  • 5 Gallon Pail
  • Greater Tack Strength than TexTac
  • Ideal for Fleece, Hoodies, Towel and Polys
  • Water Removable = More Environmentally Friendly
  • Non-Flammable
  • Will Not Transfer onto Textile Garment
  • One Gallon Replaces 4 - 5 Cases of Aerosol Containers
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Bottom Line:  Do you really want to spray the pallet after EVERY hoodie?

Label Update: In March of 2019 we updated the label from Image Mate to Chromaline. The product remains exactly the same. 

SHIPPING NOTE: This product is not freeze/thaw stable and will not ship during freezing temperatures.

pro-tip-chromaline.png #1 - Apply pallet paper to a clean pallet, spread a THIN layer of TexTac II, flash dry it, 

pro-tip-chromaline.png#2 - Don't reapply every time - use a damp sponge to roll excess lint off of the adhesive.  TexTac II will stay bonded to the pallet tape and is re-exposed.  Flash dry and keep printing. You might be able to repeat this all week before removing the pallet tape and applying another teaspoon of TexTac II, then start printing.

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