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Chroma/Clean is a mesh degreaser that removes oily residues that interfere with adhesion to mesh. Degreasing with Chroma/Clean prevents premature breakdown caused by contaminants such as skin oil.

  • Reduces Fisheyes & Pinholes
  • Works Fast
  • Rinses Clean - Leaves Nothing Behind
  • Promotes Good Stencil Adhesion
  • Removes Oil & Residual Ink Particles
  • pH Balanced
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Bottom Line:  Degreasing screens can prevent time spent on touching up and press breakdown.  A little bit goes a long way.

pro-tip-chromaline.pngDo not use woven scrub pads when degreasing - those fibers get lodged in the mesh and ruin a perfectly coated screen. Instead, use a nylon bristle brush, it gets into the mesh openings better and lasts way longer!